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The on-line website www.colibriart.co.uk is owned and managed by XXXXXXXX, (which will be referred to as “ColibriArt”).

This website has been created and operates in accordance with the current U.K. laws. In order to settle any disputes regarding this website, the laws and courts of the U.K. will have exclusive jurisdiction.

ColibriArt will process the details*(aici nu stiu daca este corect details sau data) provided by you with the utmost confidentiality, and in accordance with the current laws. Your data will be used with the purpose of improving our products and services provided to meet our customers’ needs and to provide you with news about our products. Depending on your preferences, you may be contacted by phone, post or e-mail.

All the materials integrated in this website are the intellectual property of ColibriArt or their partners. These materials cannot be copied or reproduced, excepting the period required to be viewed on-line. *la ce se refera?


Site/ website: commercial website “www.colibriart.co.uk”.

Item/product: item/ product having the *characteristic elements specified and declared on our website.

Customer/ User/ Consumer: any person or company *merge formulat cu any third party? which places an order on our website.

Supplier: The seller of the item(s), contracting party by accepting the on-line order.

Terms and Conditions: All the terms and conditions stored on our website, care constituie termenii si conditiile contractului la distanta.

Communication/ Communicated information: any information communicated exclusively by e-mail, between the Supplier and the Customer.

Contract La Distanță: orice contract la distantă încheiat între parțile contractante în baza termenilor și condițiilor site-ului on-line devenite opozabile părților contractante din momentul în care este comunicată confirmarea comenzii/optiunii de cumparare de către Furnizor.

User Account: a section created on our website, which allows the contracting parties to communicate.

Order / Placing an order: the Customer is communicating through the website its order/ desire to purchase an item or items which was added in the virtual shopping bag. Trebuie gasita alta formulare

In stock/ Available: this is showing if an item is available to order. When a Customer is placing an order, the supplier will check and confirm the availability.

Buyer: the Customer/ Consumer or any other person who is paying for the item(s) ordered.

Receiver of the Packed Product: the Buyer who will receive the packed product/item at the delivery address which was provided through our website.

Website Content: words, graphic symbols or combinations thereof that are produced and delivered on our website in digital format (such as: the source program*aici cred ca trebuie folosit software  and related programs*software of the website, etc.) or explicitly, through modalities such as: texts that are constituted or not in documents, fields with presentations, specifications, interactive forms, etc. 

Abusive Use: the use of the website’s content by the Customer other than the communicated modalities, or against the Terms and Conditions, or by any means that contravene with the law and which may cause harm, including third parties.

Violations: using the website’s content by third parties other than the communicated modalities, or against the Terms and Conditions, or by any means that contravene with the law and which may cause harm to the supplier, the Customer or other third parties.

Purchase Invoice: the invoice for the purchase of the item(s), sent to the Customer.

Garanție Comercială: angajament asumat de Furnizor fată de Consumator, în plus fată de garanția stabilită prin lege, în legatură cu produsele vândute și/sau serviciile prestate, în concordantă cu informațiile comunicate în cadrul secțiunii website-ului: Garanția Produselor.

Conformity Declaration – Quality Certificate – Warranty Certficate: the terms and conditions found at the Products Warranty section on our website, regarding the quality certification for the ordered item(s), the warranty conditions and their instructions for use.

Delivering Your Order: information communicated in the section with the same name, regarding the conditions under which the Supplier delivers your order.

Delivery Date: the date communicated by the Courier service and at which the Customer or the designated person will be at the delivery address and takes possession of the order.

Return policy: information communicated in the section with the same name, regarding the conditions under which the Costumer can return the order.

Order Return Form: section of the website, in which the Supplier and the Customer communicate regarding the possibility of returning the ordered item(s), following the procedure stated in the Return Policy section.


All prices and all costs generated by the services from our website are expressed in GBP and will include VAT. 

By generating the purchase/ order options and accepting all the Terms and Conditions, the Customer undertakes to pay the price for the order and the Supplier undertakes to deliver the product in a new condition, packaged and compliant state, to the address on U.K. mainland provided by the customer through our website.

The customer undertakes to digitally complete, in full, the forms of the website with real, current, correct and complete data. If the Supplier finds that the Customer has provided fake, inaccurate, erroneous or incomplete data, which have brought harm, legal actions will be made.

The execution of the sales contract is performed only with the help of the information provided.

According to the GDPR requirements the Supplier has the obligation to manage the personal data provided by the Customer in secure conditions and only for the specified purposes. *verifca pe alte site-uri care este formularea.

În conformitate cu legea 677/2001 pentru protecţia persoanelor cu privire la prelucrarea datelor cu caracter personal şi liberă circulaţie a acestor date, aveţi următoarele drepturi privind colectarea şi prelucrarea datelor personale: dreptul de intervenţie asupra datelor (art.14), dreptul de informare (art.12), de acces la date (art.13), de opoziţie (art.15) și de a va adresa justiţiei (art.18).

At the same time, the Customer has the right to oppose the processing of it’s personal data and to request the deletion of the data. In order to exercise these rights, the Customer can address the Supplier with a written request, signed and dated at the following e-mail address: contact@colibiart.co.uk 

The Customer acknowledges the Supplier’s right to include in the communicated information: advertising messages, sales or advertising campaigns and such.

Any abusive use of the website’s content can lead to legal actions as well as restricting the access without prior notification

If the Supplier cannot fulfil its obligations due to events out of its control, the Supplier shall not be held responsible for the delay or failure to perform.

The supplier is exempted from liability as a result of any damages caused to the Customer by accessing directly or indirectly from the website, from other websites. *la ce te referi?

The Customer agrees that the Supplier cannot provide guarantees regarding the security of the information transmitted digitally. At the same time, the Customer accepts that the Supplier cannot guarantee the confidentiality of the information transmitted digitally and which are intercepted by third parties.

Personal data from our interactions with you and other customers will be used only for the purpose of providing the highest quality products and services. However, the Customer is not obliged to provide any personal data.

The collected information is intended for use by the Supplier and can only be communicated to the collaborating banks or couriers, as this information is required in relation to the Customer.

If any of the Customer’s data is incorrect, he/she must inform the Supplier immediately.

The content of the online site belongs to the Supplier exclusively, including as the sole assignee of the copyright on certain parts thereof. Thus, the content of the website is protected by law and any use of it in any way other than that explicitly stated on the website in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, without the explicit consent of the Supplier, is punished according to the law.

The customer assumes exclusively the consequences of accessing and using the content of the website in violation of the Terms and Conditions, the applicable U.K. laws, or the laws of the place from which he/she can access and use the website directly or indirectly.

The customer and the Supplier undertake to immediately notify each other of any breaches.

In some cases, we may collect non-personal information. Examples of such information are: the type of browser used, the operating system of the computer used and the domain name of the website from which the connection to our site or as a result of our advertising was made. 

The possible disputes regarding the execution of the sales contract are interpreted on the basis of the U.K. laws and are judged exclusively by the U.K. courts.

If the Client does not agree with the Terms and Conditions, he / she does not have the permission from the Supplier to use the content of the website, and the use of the content of the website without the permission of the Supplier will attract the civil or criminal liability of the Customer, as the case may be.


The information displayed on this website is for informational purposes, it is addressed to ColibriArt customers and does not apply to other jurisdictions. ColibriArt assumes no responsibility for their accuracy, but will make every effort to ensure that the data on this site is as accurate and updated as possible. Also, ColibriArt reserves the right to change the specifications of the products or services described on this site at any time, without any prior notification.

The customer accepts that between the characteristics of the item(s) delivered and those highlighted in its picture from the website, there may be differences in size, shape, colour, brightness, reflection, etc.


We recommend that you keep your jewellery safe from any physical shock, gently open your bracelets, earrings, necklaces, chains, etc.

Jewellery will be required to be taken off before bedtime, before bathing, washing dishes or before other similar activities where jewellery could come in contact with water, detergents, cosmetics and chemicals, to avoid splitting the parts attached to the jewellery (precious and semi-precious stones, zirconium crystals) as well as the wear of parts that contain natural leather or other materials! 

Jewellery containing rubber parts loses elasticity if it comes in contact with cosmetic sprays or any other petrochemicals. The materials of organic nature, pearls, corals, shells, shells, are sensitive to cosmetic and petrochemical products. Jewellery with semiprecious stones, necklaces will not be worn during sleep, to avoid accidental damage or strangulation.

Keep jewellery out of the reach of children.

The jewellery will be removed compulsory before working with various chemicals, in order not to change its colour and not cause damage to the surface layer. The jewellery will not be worn during physical contact activities or other activities that result in abundant perspiration, in order to avoid scratching the surface layer, detaching the attached parts or removing the surface layer of the jewellery.

Excessive water, acetone (nail polish remover) or other liquids will cause the stones to separate. Also, do not use perfume or hairspray close to jewellery. Silver jewellery will be kept in plastic bags, in dry places away from the kitchen, bathroom or shower, to avoid their contact with moisture and heat, and to prevent their oxidation.

Hallmarked 925 sterling silver jewellery that is not treated with rhodium can oxidize (darken) in contact with moisture, perspiration or excessive heat – this is not a defect. Clean the simple silver jewellery with bicarbonate or special silver cleaning solutions to restore their brilliance.

For maintenance we recommend using a soft cloth, especially for cleaning them, to care for the jewellery and to keep it shiny. Jewellery with natural pearls or stones will not be cleaned with solvents or chemicals intended for cleaning silver, as it may change its colour.

According to the law 449/2003, art.11 paragraph 2, the Customer cannot request the replacement of the jewellery due to the falling stones.

Natural stones can have small differences and imperfections of colour or cracks, these are not defects, it is their natural appearance.

This warranty does not include damage to the product / jewellery due to non-compliance with the instructions in the chapter Instructions and Useful Information; accidents, inattention, negligence, improper use of the product / jewellery or other factors that are not related to material or labour defects. 

According to the law 449/2003, art.11 paragraph 2, the Customer cannot request the replacement of the jewellery due to the falling stones.

Natural stones can have small differences and imperfections of colour or cracks, these are not defects, it is their natural appearance.

This warranty does not include damage to the product / jewellery due to non-compliance with the instructions in the chapter Instructions and Useful Information; accidents, inattention, negligence, improper use of the product / jewellery or other factors that are not related to material or labour defects.

No warranty covers the deficiencies of the product caused by actions / inactions not allowed such as: sporting, professional, domestic activities; transportation; manipulation; mining; storage; unauthorized cleaning, maintenance and repair; failure to comply with the present terms and conditions; exposure of the product to wear or aging, upon contact with destructive enviroment that prematurely wears the product, such as: dust, smoke, fire, steam, acid rain, chemicals such as: caustics, solvents, bleachers, petroleum products, adhesives, acids, salts, cosmetics or cleaning products, chlorine or chlorine-containing substances, including water containing them;

In the event of defects occurring during the warranty period, please send the defective product to the company address. The Customer will send to ColibriArt the faulty product, the Warranty Certificate and the sales invoice through a courier service.

The term of settlement for the warranty is of maximum 15 days from receiving the product. Any repairs to the products within the warranty period will be carried out free of charge or will be replaced under the conditions of the revised GO no. 21/1992, if it is confirmed that a material or labour defect was the cause of such deterioration rather than the misuse of jewellery by the Customer. In case of replacement, we do not guarantee that the same model will be delivered. If the same model is not available, a similar model with an equivalent value will be offered to be delivered.

Conform O.G. 21/1992, garanția constă în remedierea gratuită a deficiențelor apărute la produse în cadrul termenului de garanție și care nu sunt imputabile consumatorului. Conform aceleiași ordonanțe, vânzătorul este obligat, la cererea consumatorului să înlocuiască produsul sau să restituie contravaloarea acestuia, numai în cazul în care timpul de neutilizare al produsului, din cauza deficiențelor apărute în cadrul termenului de garanție, depășește 10% din acest termen. Restituirea contravalorii sau înlocuirea produsului, se face numai după constatarea imposibilității folosirii acestuia și numai dacă această situație nu este imputabilă cumpărătorului.

Service repairs for cases not covered by the warranty such as jewellery damage due to failure to comply with the instructions in the chapter Instructions and Useful Information, accidents, negligence, improper use or other factors not related to defects in material or workmanship will be invoiced to the Customer.

Thank you for choosing ColibriArt and we want you to have the most pleasant experience with us!Your Jewellery Store team,

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